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Villa Porto Felice hosts both daily on-site events and retreats of 3+ days for small groups.

Companies and Organizations can either design the event in full autonomy, by choosing their preferred catering and service providers, or let us handle all the arrangements.

Thanks to our well-established network of preferred partners, we promise a tailormade experience that combines wellbeing, exercise, nourishing food and coaching.

Inside capacity for daily events: variable according to spaces organization.
The current basic setting hosts up to 20 pax.
Possibility to expand internal capacity to up to 30 pax (seated) with extra furniture and set-ups, to be provided directly by Corporates and Organizations.

Outside capacity for daily events: up to 150 pax, based on the chosen setting

Overnight capacity: 10 double bedrooms, 2 of which convertible to twin rooms

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Fitness & Wellness Clinic
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Fitness & Wellness Clinic

Thanks to the indoor heated pool, the fully-equipped gym, the multi-sport court and the park, our Trainers offer tailor-made programmes for any need and level of expertise.

Physical and Mental Coach, Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Golf Instructor, our partner Edoardo Bendinelli has been working with some of the greatest Formula 1 champions. He will devise indoor and outdoor programmes for individuals and groups, for one day or the duration of your stay.

Our Personal Trainer Enrico Paleari conducts individual or group classes according to guests’ needs: toning, postural and corrective exercise, functional training, training with overloads, cardio training, high intensity training, HIIT training, stretching and relaxation, circuit training, pilates, yoga.
Enrico uses the most advanced tools and techniques of decontracting and energizing massages and pressotherapy.
We offer expert wellness therapists trained in Chenot method for holistic treatments.

Mindfulness for Companies and Organizations
Mindfulness for Companies and Organizations

Our partner MyMindfulness offers in-Villa classes specifically designed for business, teaching techniques that lead to significant improvements in terms of resilience, weel-being, interpersonal relations and performance levels.

Recent studies in neurological and psychological sciences have confirmed to company management that the cognitive and emotional resources of their colleagues determine the health, resilience and future performance of their companies or institutions.

Mindfluness programmes, based on studies conducted by the Medical School University of Massachusetts, help lower stress levels, providing tools that allow to deal with complex and demanding situations in a more effective way.
Research has proved that Organizations can benefit from Mindfulness in many ways: burn-out reduction, employee turnover reduction, lower absenteeism rates.

Team-building and Coaching
Team-building and Coaching

Our Chefs propose team-building activities aimed at creating synergy among participants through competition kitchen and mistery boxes. Participants will have to rely on team-working, problem solving, adaptability to changes, leadership.

We offer creative thought and creative writing courses in collaboration with Communication Professors of IULM and Italian and international Writers.
In order to enhance creativity, we organize artistic classes and experiences with renown Painters and Photographers.
Villa Porto Felice can host professionals and experts for expositions lectures: Journalists and Reporters, Politicians, Lobbyists, Entrepreneurs, members of the Financial Community, Literature Exponents.

Certified Global Executive Coach and creator of the “5 chairs method”, Louise Evans holds workshops and retreats on Intercultural Management, Global Leadership, and International Communication Skills.

Mental Economy Training for Companies and Professionals
Mental Economy Training for Companies and Professionals

Health, as well as physical and mental wellbeing are the prerogatives required not only for athletes but also for managers and business people who every day are expected to perform to the highest levels.

Villa Porto Felice is proud to host Formula Medicine Mental and Physical Trainers and their tools (
After thirty years of activity in Formula 1 mental and physical training, our Partner Formula Medicine has developed “Mental Economy Training”, a set of tools and techniques designed to objectively train mental and psychophysical abilities.

 Thanks to this unique and innovative training, business people can improve their ability to handle psychological pressure, stress, and become able to optimize mental resources.

Outdoor tours and activities
Outdoor tours and activities

Outdoor activities fosters cooperation and goal-orientation.

Our Hiking Guide Alessandra will help participants choose among the most exciting routes taking into account level of expertise and expectations.
Experienced trainers will design climbing, mountaineering and canyoning programmes in a dynamic and challenging natural environment in which cooperation and team spirit of the team are prerequisites for success.

Together with riding ranches nearby, we organize horse riding tours catered to all levels.
Villa Porto Felice is 15 minutes away from the Golf Club of Menaggio, renown for its scenically impressing and challenging links.

Cultural tours and sightseeing
Cultural tours and sightseeing

Our boats service can take you anywhere on the lake, for a few hours or the whole day.
We organize tours to botanical gardens, iconic villas, historical villages, museums.

Private Business Retreats
Private Business Retreats

Villa Porto Felice offers the perfect venue when absolute privacy is required.
Thanks to its reserved and exclusive location, the Villa can host Board meetings and confidential deal closings in an enchanting and quite setting.

Villa Porto Felice can be easily reached by any transportation means. 
Large lawns nearby allow helicopters to land few minutes from the Villa.


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