Truffle Hunting
Truffle Hunting
Truffle Hunting
October and November brings autumn riches, it is the season for Tuscan truffle hunts. Our expert reveals this edible treasure, in a fascinating expedition.

Our hunter and his hounds will take you through the woods, a ten minute walk from Villa Campera, to seek out this edible treasure. The truffle dogs are keen scenters, highly trained by Matteo to unearth the precious fungus and gently hand it over in return for a treat. Your hunting guide will show where to search beneath hazelnut, beech, birch, pine and oak trees. You will learn how to select the finest specimens and savour the truffle’s ephemeral perfume of earth and musk that drives pigs wild!

At the end of the day, hopefully with a basket of your quarry, you return to Matteo’s private home for a specially prepared dinner, each dish based around truffles. Dinner can also be prepared in Villa Campera if you prefer.


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