Yoga & Detox
Yoga & Detox
Yoga & Detox
The Most&More Wellbeing Programmes at Villa Campera can include exercise, meditation and detox menus.

Yoga sessions can be one to one or combined as part of a complete Retreat, mixing energising vinyasa with the more meditative yin. Menus will offer a variety of flavours, antioxidants and nutrients to “mineralise ” the body. 

Consultants will show you how to adapt for a healthier lifestyle, bringing best practices into every day. 

Sample Detox Wellness Programme

Counteract the stress, nourish your body and mind, feel lighter and energised.

8.00 Ginger lemon water
8.15-9.30 Yoga (Powerful Vinyasa)
9.30-10.00 Mindful eating practice
10.00 Breakfast
11.00 Cooking class
13.30 Lunch
16.00 Yoga workshop
18.00-19.30 Yin yoga, meditation or pranayama
20.00 Dinner

Healthy Food Programme

Consultants will recommend either the Nourishing Health Menu or Detox Menu Designed to detox while restore energy with a nutritional boost. 

The Detox menu galvanises purification, strengthens the immune system, enriches gut flora, lowers inflammation and cleanses. 

The Nourishing Healthy menu is a more gentle approach to the purification process, keeping some animal sources in the diet such as organic eggs, high quality, digestible cheeses and fresh fish.


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