Hiking around Lake Como
Hiking around Lake Como
Hiking around Lake Como
Walks and climbs begin at Villa Porto Felice’s doorstep.

We will arrange a guide, picnics and equipment, entirely customising your experience in the hills around Lake Como. Whether you are more about picnics or pitons, the hills surrounding Lake Como are a pleasure with staggeringly beautiful views. We will customise the experience entirely to your level and expectations.

Picnic and panorama

Make this a leisurely experience, with a delicious picnic prepared by the Villa Porto Felice chef. A certified guide can accompany you from the lakeside and through the foothills, pointing out birds, flowers, lake landmarks and palazzos.

Higher and harder

Peaks rise spectacularly from the lake shore offering running, rock climbing and mountaineering possibilities. Our expert guide can help you choose from a thousand different of routes.


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